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Bruni Heym

Welcome to the web space Bruni Heym

Even if you, like observer, may recognise different techniques and different ways of expressions, all works have one thing commune:

Analogies with the fundamentles principles of life united with the universal.

Bruni overthrows the principals of engravement when she adheres material over a pattern of fragile slates. Using unique technique to protect the slates, she manages to preserve part of the surface even after 30-40 prints. Every new print introduces new crashes and patterns that symbolize both: destruction and the pure beauty that is found in the passage of time. The brilliance and gentleness of her stamps, which conceals the difficulty of her original technique, introduce you to a lyrical, transparent and magical atmosphere.

Her paintings are born from silence, to get materialize, visible in the now. She does not accept roles or borders in her art. Whether the very large pictures with blended techniques, the prints or ceramics- all of her works radiate a sensuous intensity and reveal a great enthusiasm of the artist that of experimenting with distant materials.

The often very thickly and irregular surfaces draw an observer’s view into the depths of the picture, there where again is silence. The circle is closed. The interpretation is anyone’s own thing.